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Apogee offers a broad range of services to meet your organization's publishing and communications needs.

Apogee Publications is a client-focused custom publisher specializing in providing turn-key publishing solutions for trade and professional organizations.

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How We Can Help Your Organization

Let’s face it...  There aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done and more often than not, there aren’t enough people in the office to get it all done.  Regardless of whether you are a large organization with “plenty of staff” or a small non-profit association with fewer staff than you have fingers, Apogee Publications is guaranteed to be a good fit for you!  At Apogee Publications, we offer you the opportunity for a turnkey publication of your high-image magazine, directory or show guide.  We can provide you with as little or as much support as you need.

Turnkey - How do you utilize our turnkey publication services?  It’s simple!  You provide us with your content and mailing addresses and we will do everything else.  From editorial management and support to design / layout, ad sales, printing and mailing, we become an extension of your staff providing you with the publication that you have been looking for without losing precious hours of your staff’s time.  You maintain 100% control of your content and have little to no financial risk.

Ad Sales Only - Let us maximize your share of the available print ad revenue.  Talk to our experienced sales team about your publication, target audience, and potential vendors and let us take the lead on growing the revenue generating side of your magazine, directory or show guide today!  If you need help in building a Media Kit, we will help you with that as well.

Editorial Services - Looking to produce a magazine or directory but don't have the staff to put it all together? Apogee Publications can help you put together a quality reader-focused publication! We will work with you to write editorial guidelines; develop editorial direction; solicit and edit content; work with an editorial committee; we have the experience to make your association or nonprofit shine.

e-Solutions -  We offer integrated digital and print technologies which will enhance your subscribers’ experience when we produce your printed work as an e-mag with live links to advertisers, email addresses and even videos.

I have worked with Apogee Publications for a few years now. I was impressed from day one.... not only with their professionalism and knowledge of our industry, but with their willingness to put what I call "skin in the game". They wanted us to succeed and put their resources and time at risk to let us know that they were invested in our success. That demonstrated their commitment to me. They have followed this up by making the NAEP Educational Procurement Journal more successful than ever.

Cory Harms
Co-Chair – NAEP Editorial Board

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