APOGEE | Services

Apogee offers a broad range of services to meet your organization's publishing and communications needs, including:

Turn-key publication of your high-image magazine, directory or show guide - usually at no cost or financial risk to you. We're ready to handle every aspect of the publication cycle - editorial management, design, layout, printing and ad sales.

"Ad Sales Only" - if you've been searching for a way to boost the ad sales in your existing publication, Apogee can provide a team of highly skilled and experienced ad sale professionals who will help you maximize your share of the available ad revenue via a professional, polite & consultative approach.

e-Solutions - Apogee provides a solid mix of digital and print technologies. We offer an electronic "e-mag" version of your magazine, directory or show guide to coincide with your printed version.

Questions? Please call Mel Sturr at 562.698.3424 today.

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