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"I have worked with Apogee Publications for a few years now. I was impressed from day one.... not only with their professionalism and knowledge of our industry, but with their willingness to put what I call "skin in the game". They wanted us to succeed and put their resources and time at risk to let us know that they were invested in our success. That demonstrated their commitment to me. They have followed this up by making the NAEP Educational Procurement Journal more successful than ever."

Cory Harms, Co-Chair – NAEP Editorial Board

 "The Michigan Association of School Administrators is delighted with the partnership we've formed with Apogee to design, publish and distribute a high quality magazine to our members. Apogee staff adopted a collaborative approach as we developed the style and format for our magazine. They listened carefully to our needs and took seriously our priority to offer our members solid content within a attractive, readable format. Now more than two years into our partnership, we still work together to come up with solutions that work. As a result, MASA is saving money while earning compliments from our members on each issue."

Linda Wacyk – Director of Communications – Michigan Association of School Administrators

 "It has been a pleasure working with Apogee Publications. They have always been upbeat and they have always worked in the best interests of the association. On the quarterly update calls they are always involved with the discussion, and they always keep us up to date on how sales are going for the ads for the Journal.

We are definitely moving in the right direction with Apogee."

Mike Chmielewski - Co-Chair NAEP Editorial Board

 "Apogee has published our quarterly magazine for several years, and it has been a great business relationship for us. Mel Sturr always delivers the very best product, with what we give him. When we recently wanted to give the magazine a fresh look and new content, and bring in a new paid editor, Mel was not only open to change but a real champion of it. He brings quality people to all aspects, from sales, to design, to process management. We're very pleased to work with Apogee and expect the relationship to continue for a long time."

Tim Worley, PhD - Executive Director - California-Nevada Section, AWWA

 "Our relationship with Apogee is very good. We have been working with them since 2010 and recently renewed a 2-year contract for future publication services. As far as publication expense is concerned, we have gone from a "budget liability" to a "budget revenue" position. Apogee's publishing/advertising staff is very good to work with and develops a quality product from our materials. They take care of advertising, publication lay-out, printing and mailing (and are flexible to concerns of our readers). Being editor for Rumbles for nearly 10 years, the change from local publishing services to Apogee has reduced my time required for revisions, proofing, etc. And as Rumbles transitions to new editors (I have stepped down this year as editor), it will definitely make their job easier."

Jim Tallent, CWP - Rumbles Editor (past) - Rocky Mountain Water Environment Assn.

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